7 Best Full Automatic Nerf Guns (2023 Guide)

Best full automatic Nerf guns

Fully automatic Nerf blasters are the ones with the muscles and the intimidating looks, designed to not only win battles but also have loads of fun with.

Nerf machine guns are not always the most practical blasters, and they also need batteries to operate, but as a Nerf fan, you’re going to need at least one of these flywheel-powered blasters with acceleration triggers in your collection.

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5 Best Nerf Mega Guns (2023 Guide)

Best Nerf Mega guns

Nerf N-Strike Mega is a series of blasters that was first introduced in 2013 and has since delivered various blasters in different categories.

While not the most popular and certainly not the best series in the history of Nerf, there are a few cool Mega blasters that are worth purchasing.

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7 Best Nerf Pistols (2023 Guide)

Best Nerf pistols

Nerf pistols may not be the most popular type of blasters, but over the years, Nerf has produced quite a few iconic pistol-style guns.

A Nerf pistol is perfect for those buying their first ever Nerf blaster, or otherwise for those looking to purchase a decent and reliable secondary blaster to use in Nerf wars.

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Review of the Nerf Rival Curve Shot Helix XXI-2000

Nerf Rival Curve Shot Helix XXI-2000 review

The Nerf Helix XXI-2000 is a spring-powered, hopper-fed, pump-action blaster in the Curve Shot sub-series of Rival.

One of the key features of the Curve Shot sub-series is the rotating barrel that offers the ability to shoot rounds in a curve.

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Review of the Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR Blaster

Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR review

The Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR is a bolt-action sniper rifle style blaster with a 6-dart clip, an integrated bipod, a scope, six darts, and a somewhat intimidating design.

In this review, I am going to explain what this blaster is all about, what its main features are, and whether I think it’s worth buying.

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9 Best Nerf Sniper Rifles (2023 Guide)

Best Nerf sniper rifles

One of my favorite types of Nerf blasters is the sniper rifle. Those long blasters with fancy looks and funky features that make you feel like a professional sniper.

Nerf blasters, in general, aren’t exactly famous for their outstanding performance and accuracy. But when buying a Nerf sniper rifle, there are expectations regarding accuracy, velocity, and firing range.

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Review of the Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000

Nerf Rival Hades XVIII-6000 review

The Nerf Rival Hades XVIII-6000 is a spring-powered, pump-action blaster in the Phantom Corps sub-series, with single and slam fire capabilities.

Similar in size, shape, and internal workings to the Rival Artemis, the Hades is a medium to large-sized weapon that can hold 60 rounds in its built-in magazine.

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7 Best Nerf Fortnite Guns (2023 Guide)

Best Nerf Fortnite guns

The Nerf Fortnite range of blasters was first introduced in 2019 and is based on a popular video game that goes by the same name.

Unsurprisingly, each blaster in the Nerf Fortnite series is based on one of the weapons used in that game.

In this article, I am going to explain what the Nerf Fortnite series is all about, followed by my personal top seven best guns in this unique range.

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Review of the Nerf Hyper Series (and 3 Best Guns Revealed)

Nerf Hyper series review and best guns

The introduction of the Nerf Hyper series in 2021 comes after the somewhat disappointing introductions of Ultra and Elite 2.0 in the preceding years.

Blasters in the Nerf Hyper series have a refreshing new look, and they shoot with balls instead of darts. They are similar to Rival blasters in many ways, but there are also some key differences.

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