Best Nerf Guns Ever Made (2023 Buying Guide)

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Last updated: August 20, 2023

A complete guide to the best Nerf guns you can buy today, from compact pistol-style blasters to fully automatic machine guns.

Nerf guns have been among the most popular toys in the last three decades. That’s not very surprising because Nerf has continuously come out with exciting new series and blasters every year.

And not just that, Nerf has also always tried to innovate their blasters as much as possible, meeting the ever-increasing expectations of today’s hungry Nerf fans.

From compact pistol style to fully automatic blasters, here are the best Nerf guns in different categories and series.

Best Nerf Pistols

Nerf pistols may not be the most popular type of blasters, but over the years, Nerf has produced quite a few iconic pistol-style guns.

A Nerf pistol is perfect for those buying their first ever Nerf blaster, or otherwise for those looking to purchase a decent and reliable secondary blaster to use in Nerf wars.

Read my list of best Nerf pistols.

Best Nerf pistols

Best Nerf Sniper Rifles

One of my favorite types of Nerf blasters is the sniper rifle. Those long blasters with fancy looks and funky features that make you feel like a professional sniper.

Nerf blasters, in general, aren’t exactly famous for their outstanding performance and accuracy. But when buying a Nerf sniper rifle, there are expectations regarding accuracy, velocity, and firing range.

Read my list of best Nerf sniper rifles.

Best Nerf sniper rifles

Best Fully Automatic Nerf Guns

Fully automatic Nerf blasters are the ones with the muscles and the intimidating looks, designed to not only win battles but also have loads of fun with.

Nerf machine guns are not always the most practical blasters, and they also need batteries to operate, but as a Nerf fan, you’re going to need at least one of these flywheel-powered blasters with acceleration triggers in your collection.

Read my list of best fully automatic Nerf guns.

Best full automatic Nerf guns

Best Nerf Shotguns

The Nerf shotgun is a unique type of blaster that we don’t see very often appearing on the shelves. And that’s a pity because they’re fun to play with and usually look pretty cool.

A real Nerf shotgun is a blaster that can fire multiple rounds at the same time, as opposed to shotgun-style blasters that can only fire one dart at once.

Read my list of best Nerf shotguns.

Best Nerf shotguns

Best Nerf Rival Blasters

As you may already know, I am a massive fan of the Nerf Rival series. I’ve already published a few reviews of Rival guns on this website, with more to follow.

Rival blasters are generally quite powerful, often have intimidating looks, typically offer a smooth firing mechanism, and come in various shapes and sizes.

Read my list of best Nerf Rival blasters.

Best Nerf Rival guns

Best Nerf Mega Blasters

Nerf N-Strike Mega is a series of blasters that was first introduced in 2013 and has since delivered various blasters in different categories.

While not the most popular and certainly not the best series in the history of Nerf, there are a few cool Mega blasters that are worth purchasing.

Read my list of best Nerf Mega blasters.

Best Nerf Mega guns

Best Nerf N-Strike Modulus Guns

The N-Strike Modulus series is quite a unique range of Nerf guns in the sense that each blaster is highly customizable without having to do mods.

According to Nerf, there are more than 1,000 different combinations of blasters possible within the Modulus system, which is pretty impressive.

Read my list of best Nerf Modulus guns.

Best Nerf Modulus guns

Best Nerf Ultra Blasters

Nerf Ultra is a series of blasters that was first released in 2019, offering blasters in different categories that fire with the new aerodynamic Ultra dart.

While the Nerf Ultra Series has not been hugely successful so far, it does have a few good guns that are worth investing in.

Read my list of best Nerf Ultra blasters.

Best Nerf Ultra series guns

Best Nerf Fortnite Guns

The Nerf Fortnite range of blasters was first introduced in 2019 and is based on a popular video game that goes by the same name.

Each blaster in the Nerf Fortnite series is based on one of the weapons used in that game.

Read my list of best Nerf Fortnite guns.

Best Nerf Fortnite guns


Best Nerf guns ever made (buying guide)

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