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Recent Home Laser Tag Articles

ArmoGear Laser Battle Set Review

Last updated: August 5, 2020

The ArmoGear Laser Battle set is a sophisticated 2- or 4-player home laser tag set that comes with wireless infrared blasters and small vests with targets.

In this review I am going to walk you through some of the top features, and I will share my personal thoughts on this product.

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack review

Last updated: April 8, 2020

One of the older but still very successful home laser tag sets currently on the market is the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack.

First released in 2008 as part of the Nerf Lazer Tag series, the Phoenix LTX blasters are sophisticated yet easy-to-use laser tag guns, equipped with great features.

Best home laser tag guns and sets

Last updated: July 24, 2020

Home laser tag is currently one of the fastest growing live action games, and for good reason. Laser tag has social as well as strategic aspects to it, not to mention the fact that it’s loads of fun.

Let’s be honest, would you rather see your children browsing their Facebook feeds all day, or play exciting home laser tag battles?

Nerf Laser Ops Pro review

Last updated: September 22, 2020

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro home laser tag set is the latest attempt to breathe life into the concept of smartphone laser tag.

While I personally have my reservations around laser tag with smartphones, Nerf’s Laser Ops Pro is a surprisingly awesome home laser tag set.

Recent Nerf Articles

12 Best Nerf guns

Last updated: September 24, 2020

Nerf guns have been some of the most popular toys in the last three decades. That’s hardly any surprise though, since Nerf has continuously come out with exciting new models and series every single year.

And not just that, Nerf has also always tried to innovate their blasters as much as possible, meeting the ever-increasing expectations from today’s hungry Nerf fans.

Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K Review

Last updated: September 24, 2020

The fully automatic Nerf Rival Prometheus is a one-of-a-kind blaster in the Phantom Corps sub-series, designed to intimidate, impress, and above all, to have tons of fun.

Firing with the Prometheus is a unique experience, with only one drawback. Once you’ve tried it, you’re instantly hooked.

9 Best Nerf Rival blasters

Last updated: September 24, 2020

As you may already know, I am a huge fan of the Nerf Rival series. I’ve published a few reviews of Rival blasters on this website already, with more to follow.

In this article I am going to run you through the ins and outs of the Rival series, followed by my personal top 9 best Nerf Rival blasters.

Nerf Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 review

Last updated: September 2, 2020

Released in March 2020, the fancy looking Roundhouse is a rather large pistol style blaster in the popular Nerf Rival series.

If you’ve read my list of top Nerf blasters, then you will know that I am a huge fan of Rival blasters. This also means that every time I get to review another Rival blaster, my expectations are high.