Review of the Nerf Ultra Five Blaster

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Last updated: October 25, 2020

The Nerf Ultra Five is the fifth blaster in the Ultra series, and is a great looking spring-powered pistol with an internal magazine that holds 4 darts.

If you’ve read my review of the Ultra One, then you may already know that the new Ultra series haven’t yet lived up to the high expectations.

Is the Ultra Five a better blaster? Let’s find out!

What Is the Nerf Ultra Five Blaster?

The Ultra series was introduced in 2019, with the aim to produce blasters with superior performance and advanced features. Ultra blasters use Ultra darts, a brand new type of dart specifically designed for this new range of blasters to improve performance.

As mentioned, the Ultra One, a semi-automatic flywheel powered blaster, was a bit disappointing in regards to performance. A great blaster, sure, but not a high performance blaster.

Nerf Ultra Five blaster

The Ultra Five however, is a single-fire slide-action pistol style blaster with a 4-dart internal clip system. The Ultra Five actually performs quite well, and with a great design, it’s a blaster worth adding to your collection.

Below I’m going to walk you through some of the top features of the Nerf Ultra Five.

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Top Features of the Nerf Ultra Five

Here’s my take on the Nerf Ultra Five blaster.

1. Cool Design

Some may disagree, but I personally do love the design and overall look-and-feel of blasters in the Ultra series, and the Ultra Five certainly doesn’t disappoint in that area either.

I think the color scheme is brilliant, and while the gold Ultra logo is perhaps a bit over the top, I kind of like it, and it suits the theme of the range.

The Nerf Ultra Five has a great design

One thing you’ll notice with the Ultra Five is that extra yellow piece at the grip. It looks great, but it doesn’t really add much value at all. In fact, some people, depending on the size of their hands, may find this extra piece uncomfortable.

Apart from that, the Nerf Ultra Five has a fantastic design, and is super easy to load, prime and fire.

2. Smooth Priming

The Ultra Five has a spring-powered firing mechanism, which basically means that this blaster has a spring inside that pushes the plunger forward and backward when being primed, allowing you to fire a dart.

The priming mechanism specifically, and the complete firing experience as a whole, is superb with the Ultra Five. It’s just very smooth and intuitive, which is exactly what you would want to see in a blaster like this.

The Ultra Five overall is a super robust Nerf blaster, with no jams or malfunctions at all.

3. Decent Performance

That’s right, the Ultra Five actually does perform really well. It’s able to shoot far and reasonably accurate, a lot better than the the Ultra One for example.

The Nerf Ultra Five performs reasonable well

That said though, since high performance was the selling point behind the Ultra series, I don’t think the Ultra Five’s performance meets those high expectations.

But I guess if you just ignore that whole Ultra concept for a moment, then I can say that the Ultra Five is a well-performing Nerf blaster, one that performs better than the average Nerf N-Strike Elite blaster.

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Final Thoughts

Yes, I do think the Nerf Ultra Five is a cool blaster that is worth your small investment.

It has a great design and performs reasonably well, however the performance isn’t as good as it could or should have been, considering that high performance is the whole point behind the Ultra series.

I’d still recommend buying the Ultra Five if you’re a hard-core Nerf fan, and you want to expand your collection of blasters. But if you’re purely looking for a new pistol style Nerf gun, there are better alternatives available out there, like these two:

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ReviewNerf Ultra Five
SummaryThe Nerf Ultra Five is the 5th blaster in the Ultra series, and is a great looking spring-powered blaster with an internal clip that holds 4 darts. The Ultra Five performs reasonably well and has a smooth priming mechanism, but may cause ergonomic issues for some.
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Rating4.2 (out of 5)
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